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Fundraising Society (SSFS)

Samuel W Shaw Fundraising Society (SSFS) is the volunteer led fundraising arm of Samuel W Shaw School Council (SWSSC).  We are a registered charity with the Province of Alberta, however we do not have tax status and therefore cannot issue tax receipts.  Our  mandate is to raise funds within the school to support our students learning by purchasing items that would otherwise not be available due to school budget shortfalls.  Some of the items that SSFS have purchased include computers, digital cameras, camcorders, furniture for the Learning Commons and the Artist-in-Residence program.  Without volunteers SSFS cannot continue and without the society we will lose our casino funds.

What is SSFS?
SSFS is the acronym for our schools Fundraising Society. Samuel W. Shaw Fundraising Society. A fundraising society is an important and necessary piece of our School Council. School Council is made up of parents of kids enrolled at SWS, often we call it Parent Council.

Why do we fundraise at SWS?
Well as you may know our school is at the top of the list of schools that have the greatest technology around. With technology comes the need to upgrade, service and enhance, thus the need for us to help the school pay for these needs. As well we help to support the school bringing various guest speakers, artist in residences etc. We also might help to pay for things such as the costs for athletic events, band camps & festivals and much, much more! Basically we try to help enrich every child’s education while at SWS.

Calendar of Events for 2017-18
Fun Food Days
Bottle Drive
Cobs Bakery
Plants Sales

  • Poinsettias
  • Spring Flowers
  • Edible Baskets

Chapters Fundraiser
Annual School Donation
Gift Cards

2017-2018 Executive

President - Connie Bullock
Vice President – Sharmaine Cameron
Treasurer – kelly Kadri
Secretary – Tytus Koxiszewski
Fun Food Fridays Coordinator – Kathleen Lewis
Casino – Carol Bacon
Directors – Shawna Bleier, Elaine Gidluck, Jackie Prokop

2017-2018 Minutes