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Assessment Schedule

Assessment, Demand and Tutorial Schedule
June 15 to 28, 2017 - Now Available!


During the Assessment, Demand and Tutorial Schedule, which begins on Wednesday, January 18th, students should be in the building when they have scheduled assessments or Demand Times with teachers. They are welcome to study from home when they are not scheduled or to attend the many tutorial times which have been established to provide enrichment and additional learning support for students.


Students that are in need of Credit Recovery or additional instruction may have Demand Times or mandatory attendance assigned during the Assessment Schedule. This will be communicated with students and parents.


It should be noted that assessment is an on-going process that happens throughout the course and not just during the scheduled assessment times. Assessment, Demand and Tutorial times are another opportunity for students to learn and show their mastery of outcomes/competencies and practise their skills such as test taking, timed responses or the analysis/synthesis of complex ideas.