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The Learning Commons

What is the Learning Commons?

The learning commons philosophy is a means of increasing student engagement and improving student achievement. The learning commons promotes personalization, inquiry, and the integration of technology through the implementation of innovative curricular design and assessment. This space, which is a blend of physical and virtual environments, transforms teaching and learning by allowing both staff and students to co-create knowledge. Within the learning commons, technology supports the construction of new understandings by the learner rather than the learner passively consuming information.

The shifting needs of today’s global economy require increased commitment between education and the community. Together education and community stakeholders can work together to ensure that students have a deep understanding of curricula and a diverse, dynamic and current skill set.

The learning commons is looking for donations of Maker materials!

We are looking for items like markers, crayons, paper, construction paper, glue, tape, lego, and tools

Please bring donations to the learning commons

Google forms link

Digital tools

The Calgary Public Library has a variety of resources that are extremely valuable to students and staff of Nelson Mandela. Calgary residents have access to a free library card . Students simply need to go to the Saddletowne library in the Genesis centre and get their card. If students want access to wifi in the Saddletowne library they must have their parents present to sign a release.

Below are helpful tools accessed with a CPL library ID