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School Vision And Mission

We are proud that Nelson Mandela High School is the namesake for someone whose work and life impacted so many people around the world. We believe that Nelson Mandela’s legacy exemplifies the incredible and significant difference that one person can make, which is an important lesson for us to embrace and follow.

His life and leadership has provided us with qualities which we hope to foster in the culture, spirit and the many learning experiences to come at Nelson Mandela; Resiliency, Humility, Courage and Intelligence.

  • Resiliency comes from learning through failure and striving to improve.
  • Humility is born from self-compassion blended with the mindfulness of others.
  • Courage is grown when facing challenges directly and overcoming adversity.
  • Intelligence is attained as we seek to learn and grow.
  • We challenge you, during your time at Nelson Mandela, to develop these qualities and to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

    Nelson Mandela High School is an inclusive and diverse learning community where relationships form the foundation upon which our work is based. You will have the opportunity to develop strong connections with students and staff in the presence of an engaging, creative and rigorous curriculum.

    Through a technology rich environment, flexible use of time and space and an inter-disciplinary approach, you will be able to pursue your passions and potential. This is, “The Mandela Way.”