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Student Activities

Youth Volunteer Corps

The Queen Elizabeth Youth Volunteer Corps is an amazing group of students who have an interest in volunteering in the school and community. Our group is a part of Youth Central and we volunteer at projects all around Calgary. Projects and activities have included helping at the school's university fairs, working at the food bank and helping the elderly at the Bethany Care Centre. Furthermore, students raise awareness and funds to help support the school's foster child (see below) and other important citizenship initiatives.

Interested in joining? Drop by room 236 on Thursdays at lunch.

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Fundraising and Awareness Campaigns
Lunch Hour Sales - Fundraising is not our main mission, however we do have various lunch hour food sales. The sales give members of YVC a chance to volunteer as well as have fun. The money raised goes towards sponsoring our foster child (see below). As a group we decide what to do with any extra money we have raised. For example, we have purchased plants and benches for the Student Gathering Area.

DID YOU KNOW.... that the YVC organized and paid for the amazing hydration station located by the Phys Ed offices?

Meet Palesa Florah Morapeli

Do you know who Palesa Florah Morapeli is?

She is the child that QE has sponsored from South Africa. Palesa Florah Morapeli is 13 years old and lives near the town of Botshabelo.  The Youth Volunteer club works very hard every year to raise money to support her.

With the money that you donate, QE is able to provide her with essentials of life, including things like health and nutrition, food and agriculture, education and clean safe water. Palesa is a HOPE Child so we help address the challenges of HIV and AIDS in her community.
Supporting a HOPE Child enables us to help care for orphans, vulnerable children and people living with HIV and AIDS in hope to help prevent the spread of these diseases.

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