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Biology -CBE Library -links

Biotechnology - CBE Library -links

Cellular Biology - CBE Library- links

Genetics - CBE Library -links

How to extract DNA from Anything Living

What Is Photosynthesis?   Links to articles that discuss photosynthesis.

BioTech -A biology/chemistry educational resource and research tool

DNA From the Beginning - An Animated primer on the basics of Genes, heredity and DNA.

Genetic Science Learning Centre- Looks at Genetics in General, genetic disorders, stem cells, addiction

Biology in Motion - animations, interactive activities, and cartoons designed to make learning biology a richer, more engaging experience.

Learn.Genetics - The Genetic Science Learning Centre from the University of Utah.

Youthink! -The 2006 Webby Award winner for activism. "We give you information about the global issues you said matter to you. Check out the research, knowledge and experience gathered by World Bank experts on international development." Among the issues: the environment, AIDS, debt relief, gender, globalization, trade, etc

General Science

CBE Library - many useful Science Links

Science Reference Centre - Log in as an authorized user. On the next page, click on the magnifiying glass image on the top right corner of the page . Clikc yes to open a new page. Then select

National Geographic News - Updated daily, a look at world happenings from a science perspective.

How Stuff Works - A wealth of information on all aspects of science.

Scirus - a Search Engine for scientific information.

SciQ - Science Revealed - combines engaging science-related content with innovative technology to provide learning resources.

Science Daily Magazine- keep up to date with scientific happenings and findings.

Canadian Space Agency - contains images, information about current happenings, satelites, careers, etc.

The World's Healthiest Foods

Research Central - A guide to doing research and a guide to many links.

Earth Science

Geology - CBE Library- Excellent links.

Geography- CBE Library

Savage Earth

Volcano World


Forensic Science - learn about forensics.

Invent Now Hall of Fame - The National Inventors Hall of Fame honors the women and men responsible for the great technological advances that make human, social and economic progress possible.


Environment, Ecology - CBE Library - links

Ecosystems - An excellent site from the High School Environmental Centre, US Environmental Protecton Agency.

NOAA Education Centre - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Scroll down in the site indes to find info on Weather, Tsunamis, climate, etc.

What's it Like Where You live? Biomes - Information on all world ecosystems, as well as ocean and fresh water biomes. Has links to further information.

Canada's Aquatic Environments - This site contains a wealth of information, from overviews of plants, animals, and their habitats, to the researchers who investigate their interactions, and the legislation regarding their exploitation by man.

Environment Canada - Weather     

Calgary Weather Page

The Green Lane - Environment Canada - helps connect Canadians, exchange information and share knowledge for environmental decision-making.

Global Warming - CBC News

Global Warming - from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Sour Gas and Public Safety

Envirolink - Links to thousands of online environmental resources.

United Nations System Wide EarthWatch - World wide environmnetal assessments.

United Nations Enviromental Program for Youth - contains multimedia and links.

UN Atlas of the Oceans -covers issues, geography, uses and information about oceans.

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