Showing Videos in the Classroom

(Some things to consider...) 


Regardless of ratings, whether it is loan pool material or material sourced out through video rental outlets and home libraries, it is always good practice to preview all videos before showing. For your information:

Movie Rating System

Motion Picture Association of America

 “G” - GENERAL AUDIENCES - All ages admitted.


“14A” - PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 14.

“18A” – Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

“R” - RESTRICTED - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

“ADULT” -Content is sexually explicit, or graphically and excessively violent.

NC – 17” - no one 17 and under admitted

 Generally, QE has a policy of sending a permission letter home to parents when showing movies rated above PG.  Use your discretion and/or speak to your CL about the suitability of certain films.

Copying and Showing Radio and Television Programs

Please click on the link to view current Canadian Copyright Regulations for taping and showing TV and news programs to your students.


When showing videos in your classroom please be aware of the copyright issues associated with it. Under copyright law, schools are considered to be public places. Every video you show in your classroom must have public performance rights or authorization of the owner of the copyright before it is shown. Videos you get from the CBE loan pool and the Public Library have these rights attached, so it is OK to show them to your students. Videos you rent from Blockbusters etc., Hollwood movies in our QE Library Collection, and videos you buy from Indigo or video catalogues are licensed for “home use only” and generally do not have public performance rights.

Queen Elizabeth High School has complied with this issue somewhat by purchasing licenses from two agencies: Visual Education Centre (VEC) and Audio-Cine Films Inc. As a result of having Audio Cine and VEC licensing, classroom teachers may borrow videos from video rental outlets, retailers, home libraries and public libraries. Although most of the big name producers are a part of the licensing agreement there are still a number that are not. It is important to check, prior to showing that your video is on the list of acceptable producers. This list is posted on every TV in the school.  If you do not see the one you want, you may double-check the list of producers on their web sites or by phoning the companies:

Audio Cine:    1-800-289-8887

VEC:     1-800-668-0749

When you obtain videos from sources other than the CBE Loan Pool or the Calgary Public Library, make sure they are legal copies (not taped off-air or duplicated from another copy) and that you record viewing information (producer, title, show date). Please fill out all viewing information on the log sheet on your projection system, or inform Mary Losowy or the teacher-librarian and usage reports will be sent to the appropriate company. **As part of our agreement with the companies, it is essential that these usage reports are sent or we will lose our license**