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Library Learning Commons

Library Policies

Library Etiquette

The Learning Commons is a quiet working area. Students whose main interest is to socialize are encouraged to take their work down to the Student Gathering Area. Please respect other students and staff by entering and leaving quietly, and allowing others to work with a minimum of distractions. Thank you for treating resources and equipment with respect. The following information may be of help to you:

  • Students will need your ID card to take out resources.
  • Books and resources can be checked out for two (2) weeks. Simply renew an item if you need it longer.
  • Magazines may be checked out overnight only. Long weekends are ideal.
  • Only teachers may sign out videos for school use and for preview. Unfortunately we do not have a video circulation license.
  • Please respect the library by leaving food and drink in your locker or at the front desk. Water is OK.
  • Visitors are expected to clean up after themselves, push in chairs, and leave their work space ready for the next person.

Computer Use

When using school computers, certain guidelines and policies have been put in place by the Calgary Board of Education. At Queen Elizabeth we support these guidelines. Please note:

  • The student is responsible for all activity at a computer while logged in under his/her name or number. Do NOT LEND YOUR ACCOUNT to others.
  • School computers are for course work. If no one needs the computer and a student has free time, students may explore the internet to find general information of interest to them. Chat rooms, hotmail, instant messaging, facebook, etc. are not a good use of school computers.
  • CBE and Google have an agreement for secure Google Apps, including gmail, space for all students. The features are a bit more limited than a regular Google account, but are secure. The general email address is A teacher should be able to give students their exact gmail account name. Homework can be saved on the cloud through Google Apps and retreived at home.
  • Please, no inappropriate web sites - if you are unsure what this means, the librarians will be happy to teach you how to be safe on the internet.
  • Games are not allowed, other than pre-approved math or other sites recommended by subject teachers. Games on a USB stick are not to be played.
  • No downloading of programs or music or video. This slows down the internet and fills up our file storage.

Overdue, Damaged or Lost Items

  • Please return items soon. Other people wish to borrow them.
  • Students are responsible for the care of all materials used by them. Please inform Library staff immediately of any damage to equipment or books, so we can look after it.
  • We do not charge for overdue items, however, if you have lost or damaged the item, it is expected that you pay the replacement cost. Students are regularly notified of overdue items checked out in their name, and are responsible to clear their account before the end of the year caution fee is reimbursed..
  • All obligations and overdues must be cleared by the end of each semester. Failure to return material may result in the loss of computer privileges.
  • Students may check the status of their borrowed Library items through logging in to e-Library.

Fees for Services

  • A photocopier is available at 10¢ per page.
  • Each year, every student is granted 100 pages of printing on their school computer access account. Once the limit has been reached within that semester, please see your assistant principal to pay for additional pages. The present cost is $5.00 for the next 100 pages. Unfortunatley the program does not allow carryovers once the year is completed.



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