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Principal's Message | September 2017

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2017/18 school year at Queen Elizabeth High School. Our school continues to grow and currently has approximately 920 students from grade 7 to 12.

The school was originally opened in 1930 - almost 90 years ago, and its success can be attributed to the extent that all members of the school community have become involved in the life of the school. I encourage our students to consider how you might want to be involved in your school – there are many amazing clubs, teams, and committees to join. Be sure to read the daily announcements to find out more about these opportunities.

Our school motto is “Hard Work Conquers All”. I am pleased to tell you that this school and its community continue to set benchmarks by which other schools can be measured. Further, our school staff strives to be innovative and we are dedicated to providing an education for the 21st century learner. Students, I invite you to reflect on how you understand yourself as a learner, and what kind of goals you want to set for your self in order to be successful this year.

We would also like to welcome many new staff members joining our learning community. Travis Robertson is the new Acting Assistant Principal. Aimee Furey is the new Learning Leader in our Student Services department, and will be teaching grade seven GATE math and science. Sabrina del Ben is our new CTS/CTF Learning Leader, teaching foods. Debbie Rheinstein is the new LL for science and will be teaching math, science and outdoor education; Adam Elfner is our new humanities teacher, Alicia Taylor joins our math/science team, Richard Thwaites has joined the GATE team, teaching math and science, Jessica Gregg will be teaching phys-ed and health, Megan Hewitt will be teaching phys ed, photography and science Alisha Ingbrigtson has joined our fine arts team, teaching Spanish and art, and Samantha Rowell joins the DHH team. Linda Pollera, Jennifer Graham and Dayn Hornberger are new educational assistants for our school. Nicola Martin is our new Deaf-Blind Intervener in the DHH program. We extend a warm welcome to each of them. As well, welcome back to Zoe Krueger who is here until after the Winter Break. And, welcome back to Julie Quach and Mary Lou Santangelo.

Parents, on behalf of the school, I want to thank you in advance for your support, your encouragement, and commitment to your children, their learning, and their success. Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Again, we welcome you and your family to Queen Elizabeth and I wish to extend our invitation to you to be an active and informed member of our school community. It is going to be a fantastic year!

Dr. Lori Cooper, Principal