Calgary Board of Education


Team members and contact information


  • Elizabeth Greyson           Ext 2412               e |
  • Colleen McDonald           Ext 2410               e |

Student Service Secretary (Information and Inquiries): Lori Fiolka Ext 2413 - e-mail

Our two guidance counsellors are available to assist students with educational, personal/social, and career issues. They particularly help with problems that may be impeding progress at school. Their services are confidential and are an integral part of the total schooling process. Students are assigned to counsellors according to last names.

At the high school level, counsellors are closely involved with students in the areas of high school course planning, career development, scholarships and post-secondary liaison. Students wishing to plan or to adjust their programming at school would do so through a counsellor. Students may routinely access guidance counsellors by booking an appointment. Students dealing with a crisis situation have immediate access to service.

Guidance Links

Community Resources Your guide to important resources concerning your health, safety and well-being.
Crisis Services A pdf file with a list of helpful regional phone numbers and services.
Scholarships (pdf) Search for financial aid, scholarships and budgeting tips for your post-secondary career.