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Principal's Message | June 2018


What an amazing year at FLHS. This was a real year of change. Our attendance record, our course completion rates and our student’s results all improved dramatically. Because of your commitment to your school, to your children and to yourselves, you have helped us all find better ways to support the learning of our students. Your hard work, passion and commitment continue to raise the bar of excellence and demonstrate to others what is possible when a learning community comes together for a common vision. You are building the Best High School in the city.

We have celebrated many wonderful successes this year. From academic achievement to our leadership endeavours, our students continue to demonstrate their strong character and their desire to improve. This year our fine arts and CTS programs have thrived and diversified and our athletics teams have proven that FLHS is a school to be reckoned with.

This year has been a year of many changes. From welcoming our Area 3 friends into our building to planning for the upcoming Modernization to making room for Chinook Learning, we have looked for ways to fine new opportunities for our students. We are excited for all of the changes that are occurring and at the same time we are wondering what the change will look like.

Three years ago we began to hope for a better future for our school and our students. We spoke about what we collectively believe in and what the next right steps were to make our beliefs come true. We then challenged ourselves to dream big dreams and look at all of the possibilities available to us. This year our motto for the year was #PROUD as we looked at the areas of success that our students could be proud of. This work we started continues to move forward as we create new opportunities for students, parents and staff to share your voice and join in the creation of a vision that will make our school even better. Your hard work is making a difference and that was so evident at our recent graduation ceremony. Our finely dressed young men and women made us all proud as they celebrated their accomplishments and honoured themselves, their families and their classmates by doing it in style with grace and humility. This year’s graduating class is a group of talented and visionary students who have help us create positive change in our school and community. I want to wish all of you grade 12s the very best as you move on to new challenges in the coming years.

Remember, the school year is not over yet. We have assessments to do, exams to write, field trips to take, shows to perform, celebrations to enjoy and of course learning to engage with. Continue to challenge yourselves to finish off the year strong. Make this June your best June ever and push yourself to engage in activities that make yourself proud. Success and achievement come from being proud of the work and energy you dedicate to reaching your goals and discovering your real dreams. Don’t be afraid of failure and what you can’t do; be joyful and celebrate all that you can do.

As we close out an exceptional year at FLHS, I want to wish you all a very safe and happy summer vacation. I hope you spend time with family and friends and I hope that you challenge yourselves to make new and special memories with those who are closest to you.

As always, we welcome any feedback that you may have. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please email me.

Darren Dyck