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Principal's Message | December/January

FLHS Students and Staff are #PROUD

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. This has been an exciting school year filled with new beginnings, new opportunities and new successes. I am so thankful for all of the exceptional people in our Learning Community who consistently come together to make life better for their community and for the world in which we live. I pray that this special and holy time of year brings happiness, peace and hope for you and your family. As each of you celebrate your family customs, traditions and beliefs please intentionally take the time to create special memories with those you love.

As we move through the busy month of December we look forward to many special events. Some of these include a school dance, pep rally, dance shows, ballet shows, band concert, wrestling tournament, and basketball tournaments. Please look at our posted calendar and know that everyone is welcome to come and join us as we celebrate the season and the excellent work of our students.

Course completion and student success are the foundations of our School Development Plan. Please take some time to read our Annual Results Report and celebrate with us the past successes our students have had. As we stop and honour the excellent work of students, staff and parents we also continually look at what the next best step for FLHS is. Our research is identifying school-wide improvement is needed in course completion and academic achievement. To this end, we have entered into significant professional development and student-growth opportunities this year. We have been working as an entire staff to look at the practices in our school and enhance student opportunities through a review of our task design model. Teachers are using professional learning communities to look at student work and design better tasks which address student achievement and engagement. We have also created new structures within the school so your child is better known by a significant adult in the school. Our Connects Class will help your son or daughter plan out their learning and help hold them accountable for their successes. On Feb. 7th we are holding a special Completion Day where we are asking parents and students to come in and make a formal learning plan with their Connects Teacher. During this day we will be looking at what the appropriate program choices are for your child. If you are able to come in and work with your child on this plan it would be very helpful.

Thank you all for working hard to support the students in this great school. Thank you for believing in your children and in your teachers and working alongside us to improve student successes. You are a very committed community always putting students first, continuously striving to build strong relationships and consistently working hard to improve the possibilities for our children. Thank you for taking this journey with us as we strive to be the best high school in Calgary.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Darren Dyck