Calgary Board of Education


School Beliefs

As we work to achieve our Vision for Forest Lawn High School, we will be guided by these beliefs:

  • Each person is unique. We require opportunities to assume responsibility and to have input and choice into decisions about learning.
  • Learning is the central purpose of our school community. We must continue to work together in determining those expectations, standards and consequences that characterize an effective learning environment.
  • Our learners represent diverse linguistic, cultural, family and educational backgrounds. We must acknowledge and address diversity in our response to them as individuals.
  • Our learning environment is most effective when characterized by trust, caring, recognition and a sense of belonging.
  • Our school must be a safe and secure place, where we demonstrate courtesy and respect the rights and dignity of each individual.
  • Learning is most effective when interconnected and related to the experiences of our learners.
  • Learning experiences must also provide opportunities for enrichment through exposure to individuals, organizations and resources in the wider community.
  • A collaborative approach to learning involves students, staff, the home and the community, working in partnership.
  • People learn in many ways and at varying rates; flexibility in time, structure and instruction is essential to meet the broad range of our learning needs.
  • Critical inquiry into our fundamental beliefs and assumptions about learning and teaching must be ongoing.