Calgary Board of Education


Success Centre

The Success Centre is the hub of the school. We connect students with courses, resources and offer academic, emotional and social support. Although you need to check in at the main office first we are located at the top of the ramp. Follow the ramp all the way up to the top of the school.  Our office door is the 1st door on the right in the hallway. 

Success Centre Secretary:                                                         Mrs. Mann
Grade 10 Counsellor & LL of the Student Success Centre:        Ms. Janse
ELL Learning Leader:                                                               Ms. Boehnert
Grade 10 Learning Coach  & LL of gr. 10 Communities:           Mrs. Daniher
Grade 11 Learning Coach:                                                        Mrs. Huisman
Grade 11 & 12 Learning Coach & LL                                      Mr. Becker
Grade 12 Learning Coach/Counsellor:                                      Mr. Gossen
FNMI Grad Coach & LL                                                         Ms. Haney
Career Practitioner                                                                   Mrs. McKenzie
The Counsellors are here to:

  • Assist in resolving any personal , school or family issues
  • Provides support to families
  • We can provide you with outside agency supports or referrals
  • Help you to choose a career path, select the right courses to get you there.
  • Support  you through the process of choosing courses that match your goals and ensure graduation completion
  • Assist in providing access to academic supports (tutoring, outside agency assistance, etc.)
  • Provide post-secondary information and entrance requirements
  • Assist with scholarship, bursary, and loan requirements for post-secondary education

Our school is well linked to many useful resources and outside agencies, who are available to provide support to our students and families. For further information, please contact us.
We are available from 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday and from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Friday.  If you are unable to see us in office hours, make an appointment with a staff member.