Career & Technology Studies
Calgary Board of Education


Career and Technology Studies provides hands-on experience that helps prepare students for entry into the work world and further studies in technology based careers.

These courses provide students with a great opportunity to explore a large number of career possibilities. Computer and computer based technologies are revolutionizing the work world. Employers, colleges and universities expect students to be computer literate as well as obtain practical knowledge in their area of interest. CTS courses offer the opportunity to increase skills that will assist all students in progressing toward their goals. CTS courses are designed around individual modules being taught in each subject area. Each module is assigned a mark or credit. Student credits in CTS are determined by the number of successfully completed modules.

Computer Technology

The Computer Technology department is an off-shoot of the Career and Technology Studies area. It consists of a basic digital literacy class called Innovative Technology and three strands of study - Design Studies, Communication Technology and Photography. Each strand offers bonus modules for advanced students.