Fine & Performing Arts
Calgary Board of Education



ART 10 (5 credits)
Prerequisite: None.
Art 10 students will develop techniques and concepts in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional areas. They will
extend their knowledge with the elements and principles of design through visual problem solving. They will
investigate the process of abstracting form from a source in order to create personal expression and images.
Students who are serious about pursuing post-secondary studies and/or employment in the fields
of visual art or design are recommended to enroll in both Art and Design courses while at Forest
Lawn High School. These credits do qualify towards the Fine Arts Performing Arts
ART 10 Pre-Advanced Placement (5 credits)
Prerequisite: Grade 9 teacher recommendation, high marks in Grade 9 art,
and/or a portfolio of varied artistic pieces.
This course goes beyond the regular Art 10 curriculum to examine various
techniques and concepts in depth. Students will not only study ways of creating
art, but also study how to critically think and speak about art. This course aims to
develop both artistic and critical expression in a rigorous and challenging way.
Anyone interested in taking Advanced Placement Art should not only have a
passion for the subject, but also a keen interest in art as a communication tool
and strong desire to expand the boundaries of a typical art class.
ART 20 (5 credits)
Prerequisite: Art 10
Art 20 students will continue to develop and refine techniques and explore a
personal selection of expressions. They will use the vocabulary of art criticism to
interpret and evaluate both their own work and the works of others. Students will
recognize that while some sources of images are universal, the formation of an image is influenced by the artist’s
choice of medium, historical setting, and the culture.
ART 20 Pre-Advanced Placement (5 credits)
Prerequisite: Art 10 Pre-Advanced Placement or the recommendation of the Art 10 Instructor
This program is a continuation of the Advanced Placement program stressing artistic and critical expression in the
visual arts. Students will develop their skills in drawing, painting, design and sculpture as well as exploring in depth
analysis of artists throughout history. Students will be encouraged to pursue a post-secondary education and career
in art.