Fine & Performing Arts
Calgary Board of Education



Dance 15 / 25 / 35 (5 credits at each level)

Prerequisite:      None

No dance experience is required for Dance 15 - beginners are welcome!  The dance program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to discover various forms of dance and to develop an appreciation for dance as an ongoing life experience.  Since dance is developmental, all areas of study will be included in each grade; however, the level of knowledge, skill, and attitude expected are greater in each area for each consecutive year. 

The Prerequisite for Dance 25 is Dance 15.

The Prerequisite for Dance 35 is Dance 25.

Disciplines: Ballet; Contemporary Hip Hop; Modern Dance; Integrated Dance Perspectives; Creative Dance; Jazz Dance; Performance; Ethno-cultural Dance;  Anatomy; Safety; Choreography; Dance History



Contemporary Dance 25/35

Prerequisite: Dance 15

In this course students study contemporary and modern dance techniques through warm ups, center work, choreography, dance history, and floor work. 35 level students are expected to choreograph their own dance that will be performed in the semester or year-end recital.