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Welcome to Crescent Heights High School

All In for Youth

All In for Youth is a citywide initiative focused on school completion. Its goal is to reduce the high school dropout rate in Calgary by 50% by 2017. Developed by United Way of Calgary and Area, All In for Youth is guided by three principles: Keep youth in school, bring youth back and connect youth to continuing education.

International Student Program

We are excited that you have chosen to study with us at Crescent Heights High School located in the heart of the city, close to downtown. Our school has easy transportation access through either public transit or designated school buses.  We offer an outstanding program with ESL classes and full integration into all other courses.  Students will be enrolled in academic and complementary classes, i.e., Art, Foods, Computer Applications or Photography.  We accept students that are coming here for a short term visit or those that want to get a high school diploma and move onto a post-secondary institution.  If you have any questions please contact our International Advisor, Lorraine Chan at

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Calgary Board of Education: A First Look at our New Schools

The Calgary Board of Education will be holding an Open House on Wednesday, June 18 to give community stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about their new schools in Calgary. Please drop in to view preliminary siting and project development information and ask questions about the facilities. Click here for more information.

Students Leave a Mark on Crescent Heights

Recent grade 12 graduating students, Miranda C., Gloria T., and Sean R. wanted to leave a permanent mark at the school they have attended for the past three years. Very much involved with art, drama, music and sports at Crescent Heights, these busy teens designed and painted the pillar at "Cowboy Corner" as a tribute to athletics at Crescent Heights High and to highlight the diversity of programs at our dynamic school.

Student Centennial film project
Parent Volunteers Needed November 11 & 12 to work CHHS Parent Society Casino

An automated sign up sheet has been created.  Click on the link and follow the instructions.
Please contact Kathy Bolan @ or 403-277-6286 for more information


Description of Positions:  If you would like to volunteer but have not worked a casino before, please feel free to contact Kathy for more information and assistance in selecting a position.


General Manager:  Responsible for the overall continuity of the casino.  Makes sure all volunteer staff arrive and if not, has access to reliable 'back-up' volunteer phone numbers.  Some data entry experience is required.  Can fill in for any volunteer positions for a short period (not a complete shift) of time if needed.


Banker:  In control of the cash and chip inventories.  This position is mostly data entry.


Cashier:  Redeems players' chips for cash.  Little data entry required.


Chip Runner:  Delivers chips from the Banker to the game tables as required.  Will count chips with the gaming floor staff as required.  Data entry required.


Count Room Staff:  Will sort and use money counting machines to count money.


Back-Up Staff:  Will be called last minute for the applicable shift if someone does not show for their assigned shift.

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