Calgary Board of Education


Teacher Email Addresses 2016/17

Ms. M. Bee-Williams –
Mrs. D. Halderman –

Ms. E. Duke Learning Leader–
Mr. A. Bowen -
Mr. J. Burnette –
Mrs. J. Klippenstein –
Mr. D. Marklinger –   
Mr. D. Mueller -
Ms. J. O’Carroll –
Mr. R. Rast –  
Mr. L. Turner –
Mr. K. Webster –

English Department
Ms. R. Clarke-Smith, Learning Leader –
Mr. R. Barker -
Ms. T. Blackburn –
Ms. L. Deck –
Mr. D. Driscoll –
Ms. J. McGregor –
Ms. A. Moller –
Ms. K. Shewkenek -

Ms. Hayden-Ritco, Learning Leader –

Fine Arts
Ms. N. Taylor, Learning Leader -
Ms. M. Bee-Williams –
Mr. I. Burgess –
Mrs. D. Halderman –
Ms. D. Siemens –
Ms. L. Yeates –

Mr. R. Barker –
Ms. N. Laplante –
Ms. A. Saini –

Guidance/Student Services
Mr. C. Hall, Learning Leader, Guidance –
Ms. D. Barnes, Learning Leader, Resource –
Mrs. J. Galambos –
Ms. M. Godwin, Learning Strategies/Course Completion –
Ms. A. Kerslake, Education Assistant –
Ms. J. McSweeny – Secretary/Office Assistant –
Ms. J. Moar –
Ms. J. Nishimura –

HIP (Bridges) Class
Ms. P. Townsend, HIP –
Ms. T. Earl, Education Assistant –
Mr. H. Muto, Bridges Support Worker –

LEAD Class
Ms. K. Stephenson –
Ms. M. Bhagath, ELL Assistant –

Learning Commons (Library)
Ms. J. Hooper -
Mr. A. Bowen -
Ms. B. Sharma, Library Assistant –

Ms. N. Laplante, Learning Leader –
Mr. E. Freeman –
Mr. B. Hamilton –
Mrs. G. Hass –
Mr. S. MacNeill –
Mr. F. Merali –
Ms. A. Saini –
Ms. M. Sutherland –
Ms. T. Wake –
Ms. L. Walker –

Physical Education/Athletics
Mr. K. Rose, Learning Leader –
Mr. M. Baum, Learning Leader, Co-Athletic Director –
Ms. J. Sayer, Learning Leader, Co-Athletic Director –
Mr. T. Chau –
Mrs. J. Klippenstein –
Mr. Z. McNeill –
Mr. J. Rondeau –
Mr. K. Webster –
Ms. J. Woods –
Mr. O. Sandblom, Learning Leader –   
Mr. K. Bugler – 
Ms. R. Jewers –
Mr. J. Kalkman –
Ms. C. Leonard –
Ms. M. Moulton –
Ms. M. Sutherland –
Ms. S. Sutton – 
Mr. R. Towpich –
Mr. K. Ung –
Mr. C. Walker –

Second Languages
Ms. J. Hooper, Learning Leader –
Ms. E. Li –
Ms. M. Martinez –
Mr. R. Rast –  

Social Studies
Mr. S. Posavec, Learning Leader –
Ms. N. Al Chami for Mr. S. Posavec –
Mr. I. Burgess –
Mr. D. Ginther –
Ms. T Kroffat –
Ms. M. Martinez
Mr. Z. McNeill -
Mr. G. Mills –
Ms. M. Sigvaldason –
Mr. D. Ward –

Mr. M Wilson–
Ms. J Gorkoff –
Mr. T. Kitchen –
Ms. L. Lailey –

Main Office Support Staff
Ms. S. Lamb, Administrative Assistant –
Ms. J. Clarke, SIS Assistant –
Ms. A. Wagner, School Secretary/Office Assistant –

Business Office Staff
Ms. J. Ma, Business Manager –
Ms. K. Taylor, Bookkeeper –

As of September 13, 2017