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Information for Parents
Welcome to Crescent Heights' website. We strive to ensure that you find all the relevant information here that will result in a smooth transition into Crescent Heights for your children. This page as well as the School News and Career Centre pages are updated regularly with what is happening at the school. In order to gain a fuller understanding of what the requirements are for high school graduation, please visit the parent section of the Alberta Education website.

An additional resource for parents is My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource which provides suggestions on how to assist your children, as well as providing an overview of different programs and courses.

Parent Access to Student Progress

As many of you are aware, the CBE now has a number of tools to help parents and students track and monitor their progress.  Teachers are using either HomeLogic or D2L technology to make marks available to students and parents  .  Please note, if teachers are using D2L as a marks program, you will not see their grades in Teacher Logic until the end of the term.  However, you can access student marks through D2L.  Parents can go online and access grades and login history. Parents have personal parent access by logging into the CBE MyAccount application then click on the D2L link. The site will provide access to student grades and login information.


A parent portal called HomeLogic was recently introduced by the Calgary Board of Education. This online environment allows parents/legal guardians to check their child’s progress and attendance online throughout the school year. The specific information that can be viewed about your child is their attendance, schedule, transcript and demographics. In order to access HomeLogic it is important that the school have the parent’s/legal guardian’s current email address on file. Please email it to This is where your username and password will be emailed at the time of registration to HomeLogic. Once the school has your email address, please visit the HomeLogic website. Click on the “New User?” link att he bottom right to create an account. Please note you will need your student’s CBE ID number to register as a new user.

Crescent Heights Timetable

Click here to view the current timetable

Extended absences and requests for student leave

Click here to get information about extended absences and requests for student leave.

Moved or Moving?

Have you recently moved or are moving over the summer? If so, the Main Office needs your new address. A summer newsletter will be sent home sometime in August which contains important back-to-school information and you don’t want to miss out! Grade 12 students will have their High School Diploma mailed to the address we have on file so again, you don’t want to miss out!

AR 6005 Student Code of Conduct

Administrative Regulation 6005 Student Code of Conduct

Alberta Human Rights Act

Bill 44 Implementation. Alberta Human Rights Act, Section 11.1

CHHS Council and CHHS Parents Society Information

Information regarding CHHS Council and CHHS Parents Society can be found by clicking on School Council/Parents Society in the Quicklinks panel to the right, or here

Students Turning Age 18 (Independent Students)

The following link provides information on how the school act defines an independent student and all the rights entitled to them.