Calgary Board of Education


Scholarships are awarded at all grade levels and for excellence in numerous areas including academics, athletics, citizenship, community involvement, subject area, and financial need.

Crescent Heights has a web site providing links to over 250 scholarships. Plan to attend scholarship meetings in the Fall or the Spring to get detailed information regarding scholarships available to you.

Although you apply for most scholarships in Grade 12, it is the work you do in Grade 10 and 11 that earns you the scholarship. Examples of Grade 10 scholarships:

  • M. Cecil Brownlee Bursary awards $100 to $500 to Grade 10 students whose final marks are 65% or higher and who demonstrate financial need and citizenship qualities.
  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarships. Students can qualify for this award at each Grade level. $400 is awarded to Grade 10 students who maintain an 80% average in designated subjects.

Detailed information on these scholarships can be found in the Guidance Office. If you still have questions after exploring the web sites, please feel free to contact your counsellor.

Scholarship applications and information are available at: