Calgary Board of Education

Student Services

The Student Services department includes Guidance Counsellors, Instructional Resource teachers, Educational Assistants, Career Centre Practitioner, International Students. Settlement Worker and our Administrative Assistant. CBE Services (specialists and psychologist) and Community Services are coordinated through this department. Please see the Services to Students section for detailed services provided in each area.

Counsellor Appointments

Students will be able to book appointments on-line with their guidance counsellor.  Students will need to make a profile first.  Please click on the following link to create one.


Administrative Assistant: Ms. J. McSweeny Appointments with guidance counsellors, the International Students? Advisor and the School Family Liaison Worker can be made through Ms. McSweeny. Please call (403) 276-5521 ext. 2168

Guidance Counsellors: Every student is assigned to a counsellor by surname. However, students can choose to see any counsellor.

Resource Teachers: Students on IPPs are assigned to a Resource Teacher based on their surname.

Career Centre Practitioner:Ms. J. Galambos ext. 2041

International Students Advisor  Ms. M. Hayden-Ritco

School Nurse: Students should see Ms. McSweeny scheduled times TBD

School Resource Officer: Constable Graham is available for student and parent consultation. Ask for him in the Main Office or call (403) 276-5521 to leave a message.