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Welcome to your information section. If you want to know about programs, careers, diploma and university, or college entrance requirements, this is your starting point. Here you will find links to Student Services, CBe-learn, D2L, student mail, etc.

Student Handbook For Success

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Final Examinations

Final examinations are a critical component of the assessment of student learning. A significant portion of a student’s final mark is determined by their performance on final exams. Students and their parents need to understand the following expectations about final examinations:

  1. Students are expected to write their final exams when they are scheduled. The exam schedule is posted by the mid-way point of each semester.
  2. Regulations for the administration of diploma exams and provincial achievement tests are set out by Alberta Education. Issues arising about diploma exams will be referred to Alberta Education.
  3. Expectations for non-diploma exams are clearly communicated to students and their parents through PRIDE, the school website, and school newsletter.
  4. Students who miss a non –diploma exam will be assigned a mark of zero unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  5. Re-scheduling exams and other accommodations will ONLY be considered if an emergency or extenuating circumstance exists.
  6. These cases will be reviewed by the administrator responsible for examinations.
  7. Parents are advised against planning family vacations and trips during the administration of exams in January and June.

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Administrative Regulations Update

Administrative Regulation 6005 Student Code of Conduct
Administrative Regulation 6006 Progressive Student Discipline
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Students Turning 18

(Independent Students)

The following link provides information on how the school act defines an independent student and all the rights entitled to them.