The Career Planning Process

Your career is the sum total of your life experiences. If includes your paid and unpaid work, your community and volunteer activities, and your family activities. Your career is like your “life story” – it is made up of all the work, recreation, community and family roles that you take on throughout your life.

The following websites can be used to better understand the career management process and help you to make informed decisions about your future:

Career Services Online

ALIS: Alberta Learning Information Service

Next Steps

Step 1: Who Am I?

You are unique: Get to know yourself! Self-assessments can assist you to learn more about your Interests, Skills & Abilities, Personailty Style and Values. Each of these four areas provides important information about the person that you are AND aspects to consider for your future choices!

Follow this link to discover more: Who Am I?

Step 2: What are my Options?

The more you learn about your options and how to make choices – the more adaptable you become as you move closer and closer to the work/life you want.

Follow this link to discover more about your options: What are my Options?

Step 3: How do I Make a Decision?

Goal Setting, Decision Making, Future Planning, and Time Management are all important elements for making and carrying out your career decisions! Visit Career Service Online for assistance Setting Your Direction.