The following websites can provided hints and suggestions to help you find a job:

Career Services Online

ALIS: Alberta Learning Information Service

Next Steps

Get Hired ...

Looking For Work Checklist

Job Search Documents: Cover Letter, Resume, and Reference Sheet

Prepare for the Interview: You're the right candidate, be ready to prove it!

Where to Look: How to make a Plan, Job Boards, Labour Market Information

Try Something Different: Volunteer Opportunities and Self Employment


How to Keep the Job...

Getting hired is exciting! Now what?

Learn more about job start up, and how to successfully keep your job at Career Services Online:

Job Smart: Tips for Staying Employed
Congratulations! The job interview when well and you got the job. Now you want to make sure you keep it! You will want to continue making the good impression you did during the interview because keeping the job is just as important as getting it.