Who am I?

Complete at least one of the following self-assessments to learn more about your personality style. Enter your findings on your Personal Profile.

Personality Style

Type Focus http://typefocus.com/s_complimentary.html
This personality type assessment will help you to identify occaupations athat potentially fit with you personality type.

The Career Interests Game http://career.missouri.edu/students/explore/thecareerinterestsgame.php
Imagine working into a room in which there are six groups of people already interacting. Read the descriptions of each group and list the group you would like to meet first, then second, and then finally your third choice.

Work Preference Quiz http://www.jobsetc.gc.ca/toolbox/quizzes/interests_quiz.do
Do you prefer directive, social, methodical, objective or innovative work? Complete the work preference inventory to get a list of occupations that match your preferences. The way you like to work are an important aspect to consider in deciding on a career direction.

True Colors Personality Assessment http://www.positivelymary.com/True-Colors-Personality-Test.html
Have fun taking this free True Colors Assessment. Learn more about your personality preferences: Blue, Green, Gold, or Orange! Once you have taken the test, a graph of your True Colors personality spectrum will be displayed for you to print and keep. Use these information sheets to learn more about occupations you may enjoy based on your Colors!

  Blue Green Gold Orange