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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Is there a fee?

No, absolutely not. It's free.

Module 1: Languages

How do I prove I've received either 5 credits or 125 hours in second language training?

You just need a copy of your transcript or a letter from your teacher if it is from a private institution.

Module 2: International Courses and Internationalized assignments

How many internationalized assignments do I need to do?

One internationalized assignment is the equivalent of one credit. You need to do three of these. However, if you are not taking a 3-credit international course - you`ll need to do six of them. Don`t forget to keep copies of them and submit them to Nancy Prentice in the library.

Module 3: International Experience (exchanges)

Does a French immersion exchange in Quebec count towards this module.

Yes it does. It is an intercultural experience and therefore considered an equivalency.

Module 3: International Experience - family travel, work/volunteer international opportunities

Do I need to travel to get credit in this module?

Not at all. You can also volunteer for a local NGO or charitable group that somehow contributes to the global community. Don't forget to document what you do and when you do it. You'll also need some proof of your involvement.

Module 3: School clubs

How often do I need to participate in a school club in order to achieve the credit I need in this module?

You must be a regular, committed, involved member of a club once a week for a year to qualify for one month of this module. You must document your involvement in each club and have its teacher sponsor approve of your participation.


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