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International Certificate

The International Certificate is…

A way of recognizing and valuing the significant contributions, work, and experiences of an international nature that students have accomplished throughout their CBE journey.


The International Certificate is designed to respond to the Calgary Board of Education’s Mega Ends and in particular End Three - Citizenship, which states, “Each student will be a responsible citizen by being an informed and involved member in local, national, and global communities.”


Students interested in obtaining an International Certificate should see the attached brochure for information on all the requirements. As long as they are met by the end of Grade 12 students will be awarded a certificate by the CBE.


 If you have any questions concerning the International Certificate you should send Nancy Prentice an email ( or see her in the Library. Students can also visit the Global Learning website where all the information on the Certificate is accessible.


Click here for the International Certificate Brochure


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