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Samples of Student Work:

Checklist of International Certificate Requirements:

Final Piece

You have finished all of the requirements and you are asking yourself, “Now What?” You have two more steps to ensure an invitation to receive your International Certificate.

A. Submit proof of your completion of the requirements to Nancy Prentice. Proof can come in the form of:

  • A scanned report card or transcript with the courses you have taken highlighted;
  • A written document or explanation;
  • A photo essay;
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Audio or Video
  • Other?

B. We would like you to complete a final “piece.” The final piece is guided by the following three questions…

  1. Question - What did you do to complete the requirements?
    Answer - Be specific and offer details and examples on each module. For example, you took French 10 to complete the requirements of Module A. What did you do in French 10? What were some of your favourite classes in French 10? What kinds of assignments did you do? Tell us about French 10.
  2. Question - Why is it important?
    Answer - Answer this question for each of the three modules. Why do you think it is important to study international languages? Why do you think it is important to study international courses? Why should people include an international, intercultural or global perspective in their day-to-day work and projects? Why is international experience important? Think of the larger picture – Why is being an internationalized citizen important in today’s world?
  3. Question - What will you do next?
    Answer - Will you study international languages further? Will you continue to take international courses? Will you continue to engage in international experiences? Why or Why not?
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