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This info is in transition and will be updated shortly. Do not trust it...


September 1 NOTE: Home Logic will include your timetable as of the end of the day September 1.

ALSO: counsellors are still working on change requests. Keep checking Home Logic over the weekend. Everyone will receive an up-to-date timetable in homeroom next week.

How to Access and Submit the Online Course Change Request Form

The Online Course Change Request Form is available to you as of AUGUST 1 by signing into your CBE Education email account. Your CBE Edu email is found in D2L (

  1. Log in to D2L.
  2. In the upper right hand corner you will find YOUR NAME.
  3. Click on your name; a dropdown menu appears.
  4. Click on “Notifications”.
  5. Your CBE edu email is found under the heading “Contact Methods”. It will look like this: (e.g., )
  6. This is the email name you will use to log into Gmail to access the Course Change Request Form.
  7. When you have your CBE edu name, click on the Course Change Request Form link:
  8. The link takes you to the Google login.
  9. Use your educbe email address where it asks for your email, and your usual CBE login password. (If you are having trouble logging in, you may need to create a new password that is at least 8 characters long.)
  10. When you log in, the form opens to you.
  11. Make sure the request you are making is correct, as you will have only ONE submission.

NB: If you are NEW to the CBE, please email your request to your counsellor. Counsellors are assigned according to student last name: Ms. Nairn – A to G; Mr. Oke – H to O; Mr. Kufeldt – P to Z; Ms. Forde: All ELL students. (Please see the school website for your counsellor’s email address.)

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are NOT new to the CBE will use the Course Change Request Online Form. Emails to your counsellor will not be answered. The Change Request Form is the way to communicate with him or her.

See below for details about completing the Course Change Request Form.

The Online Course Change Request Form is what you complete to request changes to your 2016-2017 course schedule.

There are important points and guidelines that you must be aware of:

  1. Changes will not be made based on switching to a specific teacher (or switching out of a specific teacher's class).
  2. Teaching assignments often change, the teacher listed on your timetable may not be the teacher when the class begins in September.
  3. If you want to come out of IB and/or French Immersion courses, you must first discuss this with Mrs. Rivers (IB), and/or Mme. Bergerman (FI).
  4. All schedules are subject to change. New schedules will be distributed to every student on the first day of school. Please continue to monitor your schedule on HomeLogic.
  5. Courses cannot be moved to different periods. Students are expected to be available for classes during the times they are scheduled.
  6. This form will ensure that counsellors receive and address every student’s request. Only one request will be needed. Each person may submit only ONE change request, so be sure you are clear in your request.
  7. If changes cannot be completed, your timetable will remain as originally set. Homelogic will have an up-to-date schedule of your classes if changes are made.
  8. If your counsellor needs to see you in person to discuss timetable concerns, a course named "See Counsellor" will be added to your schedule; only those students will be seen during the first 3 days of school. All other requests will be through this online form.


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