Student Services

Welcome Student Services at WCHS...

The Student Services general email is CLOSED. To contact Student Services, please direct your inquiries to a specific counsellor. Counsellor emails are listed below:

Visiting your high school counsellor can be helpful in many ways.  Your counsellor may be able to help you in the following areas:


Educational Counselling
To help students adopt a perspective that places a high priority on understanding their educational goals and how to successfully attain these.

·      Course advising
·      Program planning
·      Post-secondary information
·      Support of success in courses


Career Counselling
To assist students and parents by providing developmentally appropriate programs, information and counselling with regards to understanding and planning for further education and/or school-to-work transition.

·      Personal goal setting
·      Self-assessment
·      Occupational information
·      Post-secondary information
·      Virtual resources


Personal/Social Counselling
To provide confidential counselling to students who are experiencing personal concerns such as:
·      Stress management
·      Self-esteem issues
·      Alcohol or other drug use
·      Anxiety and panic
·      Depression
·      Life events and transitions
·      Grief and loss
·      Body image
·      Relationship conflict
·      Disordered eating
·      Anger management
·      Abuse issues
·      Identity issues
·      Suicidal thoughts


Information, Referrals and Consulting
To provide accurate, up-to-date information to students and parents as requested.
·      Information about alternative course delivery, post-secondary programs, student finance,
careers, scholarships
·      Information and referrals to agencies such as Alberta Child and Family Services, Access Mental Health
·      Information about health issues and appropriate referrals
·      Communication with students, parents, teachers, administration and agencies.

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