About the Math Club

The Math Club is a place where students who share an interest in math can gather to learn new things, share their ideas, solve problems, play games, and get ready for contests. Students of all grades are welcome and encouraged to join. Grade 10 students meet on Thursday at lunch and grade 11 and 12 students meet on Tuesday at lunch in room 102. Tune in for further announcements

What does a Math Club meeting look like?

The Math Club meets once a week at lunch. Activities vary, but they usually involve solving interesting problems NOT covered in math class. Regular math classes provide the background knowledge required to solve many of these problems, but often the techniques and approaches used require some more creativity. In Math Club, you have the opportunity to take what you know and think "outside the box." You can share your ideas about solving problems and learn other elegant approaches from Mr. Milner and fellow mathletes. Throughout the year, you can also learn new topics that could be useful for solving problems, but are not covered in class, such as Diophantine equations, Fibonacci numbers, Fermat's Last Theorem, Fermat's Little Theorem, and number bases. Whatever the activity, it is sure to be interesting, challenging, and fun!

Where do math contests come in?

Most of the students who join Math Club choose to test their abilities by writing math contests. These contests range from province-wide to continent-wide and from easy to very challenging. They occur throughout the school year and are a great way to keep your math skills up and keep your brain active. (See the "Contests" page for contest dates, registration, and other details.)

For more information about the Math Club, check out the bulletin board outside room 105 or contact Mr. Milner (102), Mme. Delisle (rm. 105) or Ms. Scharfenberger (room 104).