Upcoming Registrations

All math contests for the 2017-2018 year were completed with success! You are welcome to see Mme Delisle in the math office or send her an email to obtain your scores.

Registration dates for the contests are as follows. Remember to log in using your educbe.ca account, then following the link on Western's website. Some contests require a partial payment, as our budget cannot cover it all. If you are unable to cover the registration, but wish to write, see Mme Delisle in room 105.

  • Alberta High School Math Contest (AHSMC): Thursday October 4
  • Canadian Open Math Competition (COMC): Thursday October 4
  • American Math Competition (AMC): Tuesday January 8 (you'll need your semester 2 timetable)
  • Cayley/Fermat: Friday February 1
  • Galois, Hypatia, Euclid: Tuesday March 5