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Strategies For Use Within the School


This is intended to raise awareness of communication strategies within the school, how to access them, and what the expectations of using these tool are.

Post to School Blog

The school blog is the main content delivery method for our school homepage. This is typically used to:

  • post celebratory notices of accomplishment,
  • Post awareness of a largescale upcoming activity
  • Post access to surveys that need the attention of the school community

How to Post to the Blog

In order to post to the school blog send an email to ngharker[at]cbe.ab.ca with the following information:

  1. Brief typed writeup of what you would like the post to say (proofed and edited for spelling and grammar).
  2. Attach any images to include (.jpg or .png format)
  3. Attach any brochures/flyers in PDF format.

You do not need to spend time formatting the text of the writeup, as it all gets stripped when i post it anyway.

I will then post the information on the blog. Turn around is usually pretty quick, but posting in advance of an event is suggested for adequate communication of details.

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Post to School Calendar (on website)

The school Calendar is the main tool for communicating upcoming events, times, and details to the school community. The website includes a full calendar page, as well as a notice of upcoming events on the home page.

When events are clicked in the upcomings events/calendar areas, this will give them an option to see more information. This sould include at a minimum:

  • Name of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Details of Event (Location, Directions, Instructions etc.)

Please send these details to Lisa Sampson in the main office until such a time as we have a simpler process for you to add your own details to the calendar.

How to Post to the Calendar

  • Go To calendar.google.com
  • Login with Westerns username and password
    Login Details (Staff Access within school only)
  • Click Red Create Button on the left
    • Type in Event Name
    • Choose Date(s)
    • Select all Day or uncheck it to enter times
    • Select repeat if it is a repeating event (set the details for the repeat in the popup window)
    • Indicate the events location
    • Make sure the calendar is set to 'Western Canada High School'
    • Add Description of Event
    • Add Attachment if there are any
    • Ignore reminder details and everything below here for now.
  • Click save on the upper left hand side of screen
  • Go to school calendar and see how your event looks. If you need to edit the event, click on it and select 'edit details' then save the edit in the upper right hand corner of screen.

* Please be sure to set times, locations, and details for the events so that parent, students, and community memebers can get all the information in one place.

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Activity Booking Calendar

This is the Outlook calendar in the office for ensuring that we do not have double bookings for activities at specific locations in the school.

You may request to book the facility with both administration and facilities staff by using the Facility Request Form, or if you need to just reserve a corner of the foyer, contact the main office.

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Daily Announcements

Daily Announcments are broadcast over the intercom at the beginning of Block 2 (10:35 am). If you would like to include an announcement in the Daily Announcements please do the following:

  • Annoucements should be neatly written on the sheets provided no later than 8:25 am the morning of.
  • Please post for no more than a maximum of 3 days.
  • Announcements should be signed off by the teacher sponser for the club or activity, if they are not submitted byt he teacher sponsor.
  • If you wish announce an event in advance and then also to remind students of the event ont he day of, please do this as two separate announcements. For example, please do not submit One announcement for Sept 6 - 9th and also on the 15th. Submit two anouncements, one in advance, and another for the day of as a reminder.

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Daily Bulletin

The daily bulletin is available on the school website, and is published dailiy with upcoming announcements.

  • Bulletin items should be submitted by 1:00 pm the day prior to the announcement running in the bulletin. Monday bulletin items should be submitted prior to 11:00 am on the Friday.
  • These may be submitted to Diana Halvorson

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