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how to add them | list of printers by name and location


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You must login as the user who needs the printer installed. (You can’t add a printer for someone else when you
are logged in)

Open the Start Menu by clicking on the windows icon or pressing the windows key on your keyboard.

Type into the search field   \\s816wch1   then Press Enter on the Keyboard. (if you know the printer name and addres already simply type the full address '\\s816wch1\p816mfp6\' would add the tech centre printer)

In the window that just popped up scroll down and
look for the Printer you want to print to (Printers are listed as P816xxxx).

You may want to change the view to 'list view' its easier than scrolling around.

If you hover your mouse over the printer the description will usually say where the printer is located.

Double Click on the Printer you wish to Install. It may take a couple minutes to download and install the printer driver from the server.

When it is finished it will look like this.

Thats it...

Make your Printer the Default...

Go Start Menu > Devices and Printers


Find the Printer you want to be default,
Right Click on it and Select Set as default printer

•   You can add as many printers to the workstation you are on.
•   You Must add the printer to every computer you want to print from (printers do not follow you to other computers)
•   All Staff have the ability to add printers to all computers.

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