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Dreamweaver in D2L

Setting up a Template for use in D2L

Templates are located in: Staff Share --> Technology  -->  D2L

You will need to have a local copy of your D2L pages.  This could be a folder in your H:Drive (or a shared drive if you share your shell with another teacher). 

  1. I would suggest having a folder for D2L and within that folder, separate folders for each course you wish to manage through Dreamweaver.
  2. Copy the Template folder you wish to use into each class folder.  
    NOTE: Do not move the files around inside these folders as they are dependent on each other, and you will lose the template functionality if for example the relationship between the style sheet and the webpage is moved.  You can, and should add folder in the root level of your class site to hold the web pages and images for your different units
  3. Open Dreamweaver
  4. Set up your site:
    1. Under the ‘Local Info’ category
      1. Click on the ‘Site’ menu and choose ‘New Site’
      2. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab
      3. Give your site a name (New Media 10)
      4. You need to tell Dreamweaver where to find your site and templates.  Navigate to and select your class folder.  This is your root folder for this class.
      5. To set the default image folder navigate to the _img  folder in the _css folder in your root folder of the site.
    2. Click Remote Info category
      1. Set ‘Access’ to WebDAV
      2. URL:  https://d2ldav.cbe.ab.ca/paste the path to your course here.  You will find this on the course offering page in D2L (under edit course)
        ex. https://d2ldav.cbe.ab.ca/content/enforced/211189-wc1112CTSelicash1/
      3. Enter your CBE Username and Password
      4. Check ‘Save’
      5. You can click ‘Test’ to make sure it works.  You may have to click it twice as sometimes it doesn’t work the first time.
      6. If you would like files to automatically upload to your D2L shell check the box that says ‘ Automatically upload files to server on save’
      7. Make sure ‘Maintain synchronization information’ is checked
    3. Click OK
    4. Click Done
      NOTE: you will notice on the ‘Files’ tab on the right that you can choose the site you want to work on from a drop down menu.  You must have the site for the class you want to work on in order to view the files, and for the Templates to work’.  This site information is saved locally to the computer (not your H:Drive) so if you move to a new computer you will need to set up your site again on the new computer.  (It is possible to export this site information to your H:Drive and then import it to the new computer.  Details here)
  5. In Dreamweaver there should be a ‘Files’ tab on the right of the screen.
    1. Select all files in your site and press the ‘up arrow’ to upload all files to your D2L Shell
    2. Any time you want to upload a file to D2L you can do it by selecting the file and pressing the up arrow.  It may say that you are not connected the first time.  Just do it again and it should work.
  6. To Create a Page
    1. Go to the file menu and choose File New (CTRL N)
    2. Select the tab on the left ‘Page from Template’
    3. Select your site in the middle column
    4. Select your template to use in the right column
  7. Your template will open.  You can now save it (CTRL S) and it will prompt you to save it as a new file (.html). 
  8. Add content to your page and upload it to D2L
  9. In D2L you can create a new topic and link it to this page by navigating to the file in your files.

Exporting Site Info (to import on a new computer)

  1. On your old computer
    1. Open 'Manage Sites'
    2. Select the site you wish to export
    3. Press 'Export' and save the file to a location on your H:Drive
  2. On your new computer
    1. Open 'Manage Sites'
    2. Select 'Import' and navigate to the information file you exported
    3. check your site to make sure everything works well.


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