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Export a Classlist for D2L (and EGP)

  1. Export Classlist From SIRS

    1. In SIRS, generate a Mark Verification Report by:
      1. selecting Marks,
      2. Student Mark Reports and
      3. mark Verification/Gathering Report. 
    2. Select the appropriate reporting period,
    3. Select your name
    4. Select the appropriate class. (only one class should be selected at a time. You will repeat this for every class, choosing a different class every time). 
    5. Click on the Sort/Group tab and the group button and select 'System' and 'All Current Students'.
    6. Go back to the Report Options tab.
    7. Select the ‘To File’ button and save this file by:
      1. selecting ‘File (*.txt)’ in the Save As Type dropdown menu
      2. and give it a name with no spaces in it (ex. BIO30P4.txt not BIO 30 P 4.txt). 
      3. Save this in a folder on your drive.
    8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 for each class.

  2. Create the D2L Files with the converter Program

    1. Download the Converter Program and save it to the same folder as the Class.txt files that you saved out of SIRS (Right click and 'Save As').
    2. Drag one class.txt file onto the converter program. This steps create two files with your class name and D2L Beside it (BIO30P4D2L.txt) and EGP (BIO30P4EGP.txt)
    3. Repeat the drag and drop process again to complete for another Class. I find it works best if i do one class at a time.

  3. Load Classes into D2L

    1. Open D2L
    2. Open your Class Shell
    3. Click on Class Lists
    4. Click on ‘Add Participants’
    5. Click ‘Import users from a file on your computer’
    6. Select the class file with D2L in the name (BIO30P4D2L)
    7. Press Import
    8. Press Done when complete
    9. Repeat for other classes in their own shells.

Just in case you are curious, this is the format of the D2L.txt file:

678324223, -Student-
939393939, -Student-
686868686, -Student-

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