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Mapping a Drive

assign a drive letter to a specific folder on the server


To map a Network Drive all you have to do is:

Go to Start Menu and select Computer

At top of window click on Map Network Drive

Select the Letter of the drive you wish to use for the drive.

Type in the Path to the folder or share you are connecting to (Make Sure “Reconnect at logon” is selected).  \\s816wch1\   is the name of our server.


For Example: the Math Folder on the Server would be: \\s816wch1\Math

The Software Folder on our server would be   \\s816wch1\Software

Then click Finish and your drive is mapped.

Each user has the ability to map their own drives.

If there is a need for a drive for all staff or all students to connect to we can have it scripted into our School’s list of automatically mapped Drives.


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