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Easy Grade Pro

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NOTE: Use of Easy Grade Pro is no longer used for communicating with student and parent at Western Canada High School

Exporting Marks for D2L

In order to post your marks online we need to first publish a web version of your grade book

  1. Open Your Easy Grade Pro markbook
  2. In the 'Student' tab you need to assign passwords to all students using their ID# as their password (this is an easy way to assign passwords).  To do this for all students in one step
    1. Select the Student tab
    2. Select all the ID#s in the ID column and then use the Edit and Copy function (CTRL C)
    3. Paste the ID#s into the Password column (CTRL V).  Ensure your cursor is placed in the first empty cell in the Password column.
  3. Now you need to generate multiclass website reports for each student.  To do this
    1. Select File, Email / Internet
    2. select “Create Website Reports”
    3. Select “All Classes in Term 1” or 2,3,4 which ever applies.
    4. Make Sure there is a check in the “Include Multiple Classes” box (if you click on the + sign next to it you can make sure that is says “all available” as the option as well).
    5. Click the + sign next to display options and set the option to display “Percent Only.”
    6. Select the Next button and Previous buttons at the bottom of the preview panel to preview the reports if you would like.
    7. Select the Create button and respond Yes to the Alert Window to create the file.
    8. Create a folder in your 'Online Marks' folder on your H: Drive and name it your 'username' (ex. jadoe) and save the file inside that folder.  Use the default name of index.html for the filename.

You now have an 'Online Marks' folder and this contains a folder called your 'username' with all the files that you will need to upload to the D2L Student Marks Folder.

If you haven't already, I would past the network place you created earlier in the 'Online Marks' folder so that it is next to this 'username' folder and it will make it easier to update your marks.

Maintenance of your Online Marks

In Order to Maintain your online marks folder:

Every semester you may:

  • in your username folder on your H:Drive, delete the 'All Classes' folder. this will bw re-created with your current marks when you export your marks for the new semester.
  • you can also put all old .egp marks files in a folder called 'old marks' to keep the folder clean.
  • open your network place and delete the 'All Classes' folder within your 'username' folder to clear the marks from previous semesters. This will be re-created when you move your marks over for the next semester.

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