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Fine Arts

The Western Canada High School Fine Arts Program page is currently under re-construction.  Please find temporary, but important information below:

At Western Canada High School we believe in excellence in the arts and offer a wide variety of Fine Arts Programming to our talented student population.  There are over 900 students every year that are enrolled in the Fine Arts Program.  We offer courses in the following areas:  Instrumental Music, Choral Music, Electronic Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art. 

As part of our Fine Arts programming we are pleased to be able to offer the Professional Development In The Arts Certificate which is an accomplishment program which reflects a student's intensive study in the Fine Arts throughout their three year tenure as a student at Western Canada High School.

Our Fine Arts Faculty is listed below.  Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have regarding the Fine Arts Program at Western Canada High school.

Professional Development In The Arts Certificate Program:
Ms. Michelle Price - mjprice@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Michelle Price - mjprice@cbe.ab.ca

Mr. Daniel Ackerman - dcackerman@cbe.ab.ca

Visual Art:
Ms. Gwen Ridout - gdridout@cbe.ab.ca and
Mr. Graham Harker - ngharker@cbe.ab.ca

Concert Bands
Mr. Brendan Hagan - behagan@cbe.ab.ca

Mrs. Rosanna Redd - roredd@cbe.ab.ca

Jazz Bands/Jazz Combo's
Mr. Richard Harding - rhharding@cbe.ab.ca

Electronic Music:
Mrs. Gloria Laurendeau - gwlaurendeau@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Rosanna Redd - roredd@cbe.ab.ca

For any general inquiries, please contact:
Mr. Brendan Hagan (behagan@cbe.ab.ca)
Learning Leader of Fine and Performing Arts
Western Canada High School

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