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Final Exams

Exam Schedule

Please click here to download the upcoming exam schedule.

Diploma Exam Information (Page 1)

Writing Part A Diploma Exams on Computer (ELA, Social Studies, and FLA)

If you submitted a signed application and contract to your teacher by the deadline, you will be writing your Part A Exam on computer. Please check the lists provided to your teachers to find out where you will be writing. Ensure you know this information prior to the morning of the examination. If you change your mind, you must let Ms. Rule know immediately, not the morning of the exam.

Return All Books

Resources must be returned to teachers prior to writing each subject/Diploma exam (except for Part A exams – exception English, please return texts prior to the Part A portion of the English exams) Students will not be admitted to the gym to write exams (even if late) until they present proof (stamp) that they have returned books or made arrangements regarding lost or forgotten books. Students will be expected to go home directly after their exam and come back to the school with the forgotten book or make arrangements with the business office to pay for lost books. Each Department will set up an area for book returns. Teachers will be available in these areas one hour prior and up to 15 minutes before each exam. Students must report to that area (and their teacher or designate if their teacher is away), and return their books. Teachers will submit their lists to the business office immediately after each exam. Teachers need to follow up with a phone call home. Students who go home after an exam to retrieve a “forgotten” book will return it directly to the business office.

Exam Arrival

Please give yourself plenty of time to return your books and put your personal belongings in your locker prior to exams. You may not leave any items in the hallways. Arrive at the gym door 15-20 minutes prior to exam start. If you are writing an exam requiring calculator clearance, be in your seat 10 minutes prior to start time.

Photo ID for Diploma Exams - New Alberta Education directives require that students present appropriate ID (student school ID, driver’s license, or passport) in order to write diploma exams. All students ( 10’s and 20’s included) will be asked to present ID before entering the exam area. Students without ID will have to wait outside the exam area until their identity has been verified.

Extra Time

  • Extra Time for students at the grade 10 and 11 is provided for those who quality and have used extra time throughout the semester. Please check and know where you will be writing. Exams will have a coloured cover sheet for all students who are eligible.
  • NEW Diploma Exams Extra time students who have applied for and received approval from Alberta Education for extra time (and Math 31 non-diploma) will begin and end their exams for Part A and B in the library.
  • Exam Rules It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with all rules pertaining to final exams. Copies are posted on the main Exam Bulletin Board (located in the hallway between the main office and the main gym), Look to this bulletin board for up to date information and any last minute changes. Please note Rule #8 Materials Allowed, and Rule #9 Materials Not allowed in the examination room.

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