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Diploma Exam Information (Page 2)

Exam Rules for Diploma Exams.

Please note the following, which will apply to all exams (diploma and non-diploma exams):

NOTHING may be brought into the exam areas except the pens or pencils and erasers needed; Kleenex and throat lozenges if you have a cold.; a drink if you are thirsty (water only in computer labs); plus calculators and dictionaries etc. when allowed.

Previously, purses and pencil cases were allowed; please note that these are no longer allowed. Please do not bring valuables to school that day and stow purses and cell phones in your lockers along with all of your other belongings. Please do not arrive with hats, headgear, etc expecting to stow them on the bleachers, etc. Leave jackets in your locker. It will be June but air vents in gyms will blow cold air, so dress appropriately (you will not be able to change seats because you are cold). Dress code is in effect. You may wear sweaters or hoodies, but no gloves or headgear of any kind.

Breech of Exam Rules

Anyone found bringing something into the exam areas (this includes all areas, including classrooms and computer areas, and all level of exams) will be in breech of exam rules. In the case of a diploma exam, this breech will need to be written up and submitted to Alberta Education. Often when this happens, students appear surprised and say, “I wasn’t cheating” or “I didn’t intend to cheat”. Whether you are or not is irrelevant, simply by having the banned item with you, puts you in breech of exam rules. Having a cell phone in your pocket or a slip of paper with notes (that you were studying up until the last minute and forgot to throw in the garbage, or a disk in a computer exam are all potential avenues used by students in the past (at other schools and throughout the province) to gain an advantage. They are not allowed. Whether you are writing a diploma exam or an exam at the 10 and 20 level, please be advised that being in breech of exam rules could result in your exam being discounted as part of your final grade. Teachers and students please note: Recent revisions from Alberta Education now allow translation dictionaries for ESL students for Part A Exams (where dictionaries are allowed— FLA, ELA and Social Studies). No electronic dictionaries are allowed for any exam.

Appeal Day

All marks will be available and teachers of Diploma subjects will be available between 12:00-3:30 PM June 16 th to discuss, explain and address appeals of school marks. All non diploma subject marks will be available and teachers will be available from 8:30 AM to 2 PM June 25 th to discuss, explain and address appeals of school marks. Teachers need to make students aware of the appeal process (discussion with teacher/CL/Assistant Principal). Teachers away marking should make arrangements with their CL and let their students know the process available to them. Students writing Diploma Exams should check the appeal procedures outlined on the Alberta Education information handout posted on the Exam Bulletin Board or the Alberta Education website at www.education.gov.ab.ca. Check under information for students. Marks will be sent out toward the end of July from Alberta Education. The school answering machine will let parents and students know when someone will be in the school in the middle of the summer to address questions regarding diploma exam marks. Please NOTE: Thursday, June 26 th Report Cards, caution fees etc. will be distributed in the afternoon from 12:30-2:30 PM.

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