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Faculty Contact

Email Listings by Department

*Denotes a Learning Leader


Martin Poirier
Assistant Principal (A-G)
Jayme McDonald
Assistant Principal (H-O)
Kerry Blum
Assistant Principal (P-Z)
Cheryl McKelvie
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Main Office

Cathy Gardner Admin Secretary ext. 2117
Rana Jones Attendance ext. 2116
Lisa Cormier Registrations / IB ext. 2115
Sandy Luft SIRS ext. 2114
Lisa Schwartz Guidance
Student Services
ext. 2122
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*Linda Forde (LL) (ELL) lmforde[at]cbe.ab.ca
Angie Nairn (A - G) aenairn[at]cbe.ab.ca
Mike Kufeldt (P - Z) makufeldt[at]cbe.ab.ca
Ed Oke (H - O) ewoke[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Business Office

Shabbir Lakhani
Business Manager
Karen Cooper  
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*Tamara Neumann (LL) taneumann[at]cbe.ab.ca
Hilda Duffield hfduffield[at]cbe.ab.ca
Val Olson vjolson[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Fine Arts

*Brendan Hagan (LL) behagan[at]cbe.ab.ca
Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe cjgallichanl[atcbe.ab.ca
Richard Harding rhharding[at]cbe.ab.ca
Graham Harker ngharker[at]cbe.ab.ca
Michelle Price mjprice[at]cbe.ab.ca
Sheryl Reinhardt sjreinhardt[at]cbe.ab.ca
Gwen Ridout gdridout[at]cbe.ab.ca
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*Graham Harker (LL) ngharker[at]cbe.ab.ca
Graham Cale gtcale[at]cbe.ab.ca
James Chow jgchow[at]cbe.ab.ca
Drew Freeman drgfreeman[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jay Ma jyma[at]cbe.ab.ca
Susan Johnston sajohnston[at]cbe.ab.ca
Glen C. Phillips gcphillips[at]cbe.ab.ca
Barry G. Smith bgsmith[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Van Geel, Mary Lou mmvangeel[at]cbe.ab.ca
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International Languages

*Lucille Bergerman (LL) labergerman[at]cbe.ab.ca
Cito Ariza chariza@cbe.ab.ca
Rene Bernier rbernier[at]cbe.ab.ca
Hugette Corriveau hlcorriveau[at]cbe.ab.ca
Dominique Cote docote[at]cbe.ab.ca
Caroline Godin-Fortin cgodinfortin[at]cbe.ab.ca
Tamara Neumann taneumann[at]cbe.ab.ca
Rachel Schroeder-Tabah rmschroedertabah[at]cbe.ab.ca
Elena Voskovskaia elvoskovskaia[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Athletic Director

*Sheldon Brady (LL) sjbrady[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Physical Education


*Dave Karbashewski (LL) djkarbashews[at]cbe.ab.ca
Ali Barbet adbarbet[at]cbe.ab.ca
Patsy Brix-Nielsen pabrixnielsen[at]cbe.ab.ca
Valerie Ellchuk vjellchuk[at]cbe.ab.ca
Drew Freeman drgfreeman[at]cbe.ab.ca
Debbie Graham degraham[at]cbe.ab.ca
Caitlin Jensen (Anderson) caejensen[at]cbe.ab.ca
Larry Guilloux lfguilloux[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jason (Minkyu) Hong mihong[at]cbe.ab.ca
Anna Kokot ankocot[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jay Ma jyma[at]cbe.ab.ca
Mark McGuinness mtmcguinness[at]cbe.ab.ca
Alison Ozero agozero[at]cbe.ab.ca
Sue Rivers serivers[at]cbe.ab.ca
Lorne Rosenau lwrosenau[at]cbe.ab.ca
Gyan Shrestha gyshrestha[at]cbe.ab.ca
Annaliese Scharfenberger anscharfenberger[at]cbe.ab.ca
Lorraine Smith lrsmith[at]cbe.ab.ca
Roz Supino rmsupino[at]cbe.ab.ca
Catherine Trainor cetrainor[at]cbe.ab.ca
Scott Vlietstra savlietstra[at]cbe.ab.ca
Curtis Wesolowsky cuweslowsky[at]cbe.ab.ca
Krista Whitney kdwhitney[at]cbe.ab.ca
Barry Yee bayee[at]cbe.ab.ca
Shauna Zwicker smzwicker[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Social Studies

*Colleen Sandham (LL) casandham[at]cbe.ab.ca
Sylvie Bouchard smbouchard[at]cbe.ab.ca
Christine Eberhardt ckeberhardt[at]cbe.ab.ca
Ryan Ellis rmellis[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jarrod Fuhr jgfuhr[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jason Hutchins jchutchins[at]cbe.ab.ca
Kennedy, Jen jlkennedy[at]cbe.ab.ca
Guillaume Laroche gularoche[at]cbe.ab.ca
Amy Lofting aalofting[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jessie Meier jlmeier[at]cbe.ab.ca
Glen C. Phillips gcphillips[at]cbe.ab.ca
Nancy Prentice njprentice[at]cbe.ab.ca
James Raymer jmraymer[at]cbe.ab.ca
Jason Swanton jpswanton[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Off-Campus Coordinator

Learning Strategist

*Corrine Cadre (LL) clcadre[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Student Activities

*Angie Nairn (LL) aenairn[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Community Corporate Liaison

*Michelle Price (LL) mjprice[at]cbe.ab.ca
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*Graham Harker (LL) ngharker[at]cbe.ab.ca
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Career Centre

The Class

Learning | as unique | as every student