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Remembrance Day

Cenotaph Ceremony 2014


November 7th 2014 was the annual Western Canada High School Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cenotaph.

Western students present poems for possible inclusion during the ceremony. This years chosen poem is by E. Elena Otte.


So Forever Remember...

By: E. Elene Otte

Marching footsteps
A shout and a boom
Laying a rose
On the silent stone tomb

Though a war has been won
It had great a cost
For many that marched
Has now been lost

Lain to rest
In fields of red
Their memory lives on
Their names are not dead

Forward! A cry
A mother stands by
Watching with not
A tear in her eye

For today we remember
And remember we will
For their strength has led us
To the top of this hill

Lest we forget the soldiers in war
Lest we forget what we're fighting for
Lest we forget those who have bled
Lest we forget the fields of red

The poppies that blow
As a farewell salute
Or a goodbye serenade
On an old silver flute

Their memories live on
In every word, in every song.

They fought for you
They fought for me
They fought for the belief
Every child should be free

So today we are gathering
Thanking them for all
For everything that they have done
Every action big or small

They fought the fight
To vanquish the night
To bring to our nation
The hope in sight

So no longer fear
The sound of the gun
But fear to forget
What the soldiers have done

For it was you whom they fought for
And laid down their lives
So forever remember
With victory in our eyes.

Students at Cenotaph

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