Calgary Board of Education


National Sport Academy (NSA)

The National Sport Academy and Central Memorial High School work together to create a strategic partnership designed to specifically address the unique challenges faced by young competitive student athletes aspiring to perform at a top level both in their chosen sport and their academics.

Opportunities exist for student athletes to attend Central through NSA as a Program of Choice. This supportive school environment has been created to inspire passion for sport while developing character for life! Students interested in attending Central through enrolment with NSA must first enrol with NSA. Upon acceptance into the National Sport Academy, NSA administrators will forward all registration details to Central Memorial. Once Central Guidance counselors receive all pertinent information from NSA they will then call the prospective student and book an appointment.  The first step lies with registering with the National Sport Academy.

Students enrolled with the National Sport Academy are provided a flexible high school timetable through Central Memorial to meet the needs of their training schedule. Guidance counselors meet with each student to create a 3-year plan ensuring high school diploma requirements are met upon the successful completion of each course.

NSA Students spend one block each semester in NSA training.  Grade 10 NSA Students are enrolled in the following:

  • English 10
  • Social Studies 10
  • Mathematics 10C or 10-3
  • Science 10 or 14
  • Physical Education 10 On-line
  • One additional Option