Calgary Board of Education

Performing & Visual Arts (PVA)


The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts Program at Central Memorial High School is designed to give students an enriched, three-year experience in one of the following disciplines:

~ Dance
~ Music - Band
~ Music - Choral
~ Music - Strings
~ Theatre Arts
~ VisualArt/Advanced Placement StudioArt
~ Fashion Design (beginning Sept. 2016)
~ Media Design Arts (beginning Sept. 2016)

Exploring one of these art areas for an extended period of time affords students a unique opportunity to develop skills, deepen knowledge, and discover their own voice through the arts.

The PVA Program is rigorous and demanding. Throughout the school year, participating students are provided with a wide variety of learning opportunities. Students will receive daily instruction in their chosen discipline.


Our mission is to foster personal excellence in performing and visual arts students within a culture of artistic development, independent thinking, technical mastery and creative expression.


The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts at Central Memorial prides itself on offering students the opportunity to study music, visual art, theatre arts, or dance at a comprehensive and advanced level. Students discover and fulfill their individual creative abilities through the guidance of experienced and accomplished staff in an atmosphere of academic challenge and creative expression. Exploring one of these areas for an extended period of time affords students the unique opportunity to develop skills, deepen knowledge, and discover their own voice through the arts.


Along with meeting provincially and locally developed curriculum requirements we endeavor to fulfill the following school-based objectives:

~ To provide a program of instruction in which connections are made between the arts and the academics, by highly qualified educators and artists.
~ To promote student growth through sequentially developed projects, discussions and opportunities for creative thinking.
~ To encourage students to take risks and meet personal challenges in a safe, caring environment.
~ To provide a balance between process and product and between discipline and creativity.
~ To provide opportunities to develop thinking processes in students that will facilitate learning throughout life.
~ To provide for student uniqueness by encouraging freedom of choice and expression within the parameters of the projects.
~ Provide for positive self-esteem and fostering school culture by displaying of student projects or providing venues for student performance and by constructive criticism and evaluation.
~ To promote a positive environment through the use of visually stimulating material such as displays and fine art appreciation material.
~ To promote public engagement through:
(i) Community showcases
(ii) Opportunities for continuing education programs for both younger students and adults
operated by both staff and students.


The Centre is open to grade 10-12 students from the Calgary area: Grade 10 is the preferred entry point to this 3-year program. All students who apply to the PVA program are required to fill out an application and participate in an audition and/orinterviewand maintain a high standard of commitment to the program upon acceptance. Students accepted into the program must have an artistic ability (either demonstrated or potential) and a desire to grow artistically and academically.

Application forms may be accessed through our website at: