Calgary Board of Education

English Language Learning

English Language Classes

LEAD / Level 1-2
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In the level one and two classes, students receive intensive instruction in all of the core subjects: English, Math Science and Social Studies.
Level 3-4
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Level 3 and 4 Language classes are intended for intermediate students who need support with their English writing, reading, vocabulary and speaking skills. If needed, students can enroll in sheltered ELL Math and Science classes.
Level 5
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This course is intended for Level 5 English language learners who plan to graduate from high school with credits for English at the 30-1 level, but who are not yet ready for the language demands of English 10-1.
Canadian Studies
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These courses are designed for students in levels 3 to 5 English who have been in Canada less than 3 years and have limited knowledge of Canadian History and Geography
Complete English Language Program
ELL Course Pathways