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Innovative Ideas

The James Fowler math department is comprised of a group of teachers who will give each student the best opportunity for success. The teachers collaborate with each other to create innovative projects and lessons that incorporate different technologies, different art forms, different music genres, different games, and different skill sets. Math at James Fowler is so much more than note taking and test writing. It is an interactive experience with students as the focus. The typical mathematics student at James Fowler is going to travel on a three year journey, where the concepts they learn in class are presented in an innovative manner that connects those concepts to the real world while also providing a plethora of opportunities for the student to demonstrate their understanding of the concept through multiple mediums. At James Fowler High School math comes alive, math becomes more than just numbers on a page, math becomes a tool that students can use to understand the world around them. James Fowler is the right place for YOU to learn math.