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James Fowler High School Science Department is committed to excellence in science education. We are interested in our students achieving a standard of excellence through rigours practice, helpful modern classroom technology and adapting to many of our student needs. Our department is comprised of four disciplines: Biology, Chemistry Physics and General Science, with anywhere from 10-13 teachers working together each semester.

Science teachers each bring uniqueness, attitudes, personal interests and years of teaching expertise to their classroom. Students can advance from the introductory 10 level courses all the way to first year university science courses - if they go on to successfully complete the AP (Advanced Placement) 35 level courses. Every science course includes a laboratory component, where the lab safety is of the highest priority. The programs of studies that the Science Department, along with the rest of the school follows are mandated by the Alberta Education.

Grade 10 - Academic Guidelines (pdf)

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Lab Write-up Sample (pdf)

Lab Safety (pdf)

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