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Computing Science Courses

Computer programming is all about developing and modifying computer programs that many of us rely upon for both work and leisure time activity. Computing Science is a sequence of courses designed to help students develop programming skills.

Do you want to know how the Internet and computer apps worked? Whether itís a beautiful website, an immersive video game or application that solves a particular problem, in these courses you will learn how to design and build it!

Through a combination of in-class lessons and challenges, online learning environments, and integration with your core curricular areas, you will learn:

  • Secrets of how the Internet and World Wide Web work
  • Professional HTML5 and CSS3 techniques for beautiful and interactive web design
  • Interactive game or story design by developing coding and problem solving skills
  • How to use the web intelligently and safely to find information
  • How to document and manage a programming project from conception to delivery

These courses are extremely beneficial for students interested in the fields of computer science, engineering, math or science.

Detailed information regarding Computer Science Courses

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