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Financial Management Courses

We offer Financial Management at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. Students earn 5 credits per course by completing modules which are worth 1 credit each. Some courses may offer extra modules, depending on time and the previous academic history of the students. Students will explore concepts that affect the finances of an individual, including a code of conduct, the economic environment, acquiring and using financial resources and the effects of government legislation.

They are introduced to accounting and terminology unique to financial accounting. They become familiar with financial statements, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and how to prepare for the process of starting up a business. Students are introduced to and complete the accounting cycle for a service business. They will analyze and record business transactions up to trial balance for the fiscal period of a business using terminology unique to financial accounting. They learn to prepare financial statements and closing accounts.

Students apply specialized accounting procedures associated with buying and selling goods in a retail system with a credit system and a partnership. Possible career paths for students who pursue these courses include (but are not limited to) becoming an accountant, bookkeeper, auditor, clerk, payroll clerk, budget analyst, chief financial officer, entrepreneur etc. Students can work in national and international fields.

Throughout the course students will learn to keep their own personal records, become aware of current financial conditions and the actual
cost of things that we all take for granted in order to make good financial decisions.

Detailed information regarding Accounting Courses

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